8 Best Islands for Honeymoon

For some people, honeymoon is a special moment that is enjoyed by going on vacation to beautiful exotic places such as vacationing on an amazing island with luxury resorts, charming mountain, beach and underwater views so that this special moment is more memorable.

Here are 8 beautiful islands that are great for reference for honeymooners.


1. Maldives

This island nation is a mandatory destination for honeymooners.
Having many beautiful islands and making tourism the country’s highest income, of course, the Maldives will provide the best service in this sector. there are many luxury hotels and resorts here that can add to the romance of your honeymoon
This country with the name Republic of Maldives is in a tropical area which makes it only has 2 seasons so that tourists can visit all year round, but to be able to enjoy all the beauty that is in Maldives as well as visit between November to April when the dry season.

Bora Bora

2. Bora Bora

Bora bora is an island in the French Polynesia archipelago surrounded by a lagoon and a row of coral reefs that must be a destination for couples who want to honeymoon
Bora Bora has many aqua-centric resorts from various luxury, standard and cheap ones.
Having calm waters, several species of sharks and stingrays can be found here, making snorkeling and scuba diving also a must-try if you visit this island.


3. Bali

Being one of the islands in Indonesia that is visited by many tourists makes Bali a good island to be a destination for honeymooners
Having various rows of luxury to cheap hotels makes Bali an island that can be visited by all groups
Apart from having beautiful beaches and seas, Bali also has a variety of festivals and cultural sites that must be visited if you are in Bali
Having friendly residents makes tourists able to enjoy all activities in Bali.


4. Palawan

The Philippines as an archipelago also has a row of beautiful islands, one of which is Palawan which is a good recommendation for honeymooners
The island which has an area of 14,896km² has many spots to visit
Kayangan Lake, a freshwater lake that has crystal-clear water, located in Coron.
Tubbataha reef national park, marine and bird sanctuary covering an area of 79 km² is the best diving spots in the world
And many other places.


5. Seychelles

Not many people know about this beautiful island, but it is quite familiar to travelers.
Having beautiful views with clear sea water, white sand and the wildlife that can be found there makes the island of Seychelles suitable for couples who want to have a honeymoon.
There are several resorts that can be a reference when visiting this island which is located east of the African mainland.

South Island

6. South Island

Being the largest island in New Zealand, South Island (official name = te waipounamu) has lots of places and activities to do with your partner while honeymooning there.
Having rows of beautiful beaches, mountains and unspoiled forests, stunning lakes and glaciers make this island many tourists visit.


7. Fiji

The Republic of the Fiji Islands, which consists of hundreds of beautiful large and small islands, has made this country a destination for tourists to visit and the tourism sector is the main source of foreign exchange there.
With a row of beautiful islands, the Fiji Archipelago, there are many resorts from cheap to luxury resorts and activities to do there.

Phi Phi Island

8. Phi Phi Island

Phi phi island is one of the many beautiful islands in Thailand that is worth visiting
The island which is 45 minutes by speedboat from Phuket consists of 6 islands of which 5 uninhabited islands offer the best tropical holidays with very beautiful bays and beaches
The film The Beach, played by Leonardo Di Caprio, also chose Maya Bay, one of the uninhabited islands in Phi Phi Island as the shooting location.

Hopefully this article can be a good reference for your honeymoon destination, Happy HoneyMoon 🤗