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13 Beautiful Islands in Indonesia besides Bali that must be visited

Indonesia as the largest archipelagic country in the world, has many rows of beautiful, inhabited and uninhabited islands.
a favorite of tourists visiting Indonesia, making Bali very well known internationally for its natural beauty.
However, Indonesia still has many other beautiful islands scattered throughout Indonesia.

The following is a list of 13 beautiful islands in Indonesia besides the island of Bali :

1. Raja Ampat Islands (Kepulauan Raja Ampat)

Sunset in Raja Ampat Islands

Located in eastern Indonesia, Raja Ampat which belongs to the province of West Papua consists of 4 islands named according to the 4 largest islands there (Waigeo Island, Misool Island, Salawati Island, and Batanta Island).
Raja Ampat is visited by many divers, with its clear waters and underwater beauty that is very pleasing to the eye, but for non-divers, Raja Ampat also has white sand beaches and a variety of endemic flora and fauna such as birds of paradise and orchids.

Private Resort in Raja Ampat in inhabited island
Resort in Raja Ampat
Resort in Raja Ampat at night
Diving Activities in Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat

2. Morotai Island (Pulau Morotai)

Morotai Island

The Morotai Islands are part of the Halmahera Islands.
Has a land area of 2,476 km² Morotai Island is the main island of the 33 islands that surround it, 7 of which are inhabited.
With its captivating natural beauty and a long history in Morotai (a colony of the Moro kingdom and World War 2), this island is one of the main tourist destinations in Indonesia.

3. Bunaken National Park (Taman Laut Nasional Bunaken)

Bunaken National Park

With an area of 890 km² Bunaken National Park is a habitat for 390 species of coral reefs, various species of fish, mollusks, reptiles, and marine mammals, making Bunaken National Park a favorite diving spot in Indonesia.
There are five islands in the Bunaken Marine Park area (Bunaken, Old Manado, Mantehage, Naen, and Siladen) which are no less beautiful than the Bunaken Marine Park.

4. Wakatobi National Park (Taman Laut Nasional Wakatobi)

Wakatobi National Park

Wakatobi National Marine Park is also located on the island of Sulawesi, to be precise in Southeast Sulawesi Province.
with the deepest point only 1,044 meters below sea level makes it easy for tourists to enjoy a marine park that is no less beautiful than Bunaken National Marine Park.
Not only is there a beautiful marine park, in Wakatobi there are also several islands that must be explored (Wangi Wangi Island, Keledupa Island, Tomia Island, Binongko Island) with cultural heritage of the surrounding community.

5. Thousand Islands (Kepulauan Seribu)

including in the capital city of Jakarta, the Thousand Islands are 2 to 3 hours’ drive from the Indonesian capital (Jakarta) making the Thousand Islands easier to access and visit.
the name of a thousand islands does not represent the number of islands in a thousand islands, the total number of islands in a thousand islands is 342 including those that are uninhabited.
also one of Indonesia’s national marine parks, the Thousand Islands area is an ideal place for snorkeling, swimming and diving.

6. Gili Islands (Kepulauan Gili)

Gili Islands

The Gili Islands are an archipelago consisting of 3 islands (Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Air) located off the northwest coast of Lombok Island.
not far from Bali and being part of the island making the Gili Islands one of the favorite destinations for tourists in Indonesia.
Having clean air, clear sea water, lots of cafes, luxury resorts are increasingly spoiling tourists who vacation in the Gili Islands.

Gili Kendis

7. Karimunjawa Islands (Kepulauan Karimunjawa)

Karimunjawa Islands

This archipelago consists of 27 islands in the province of Central Java which has two transportation routes, namely from Semarang and Jepara.
The route from Semarang only takes 2-3 by fast boat with a departure of 1 week and approximately 6 hours from Jepara using an economy ship with a departure time of every two days plus the air route from Semarang to the Karimun Jawa Islands.
Besides having beautiful beaches and seas with clear water, the Karimun Jawa Islands also have historical sites from the royal heritage that once ruled there which are worth a visit.

8. Derawan Islands (Kepulauan Derawan)

Derawan Islands

Derawan Islands is located in the province of East Kalimantan, being one of the underwater parks making the Derawan Islands have many famous diving spots on several of its islands such as Maratua Island, Derawan Island, Sangalaki Island and Kakaban Island.
Having sea and air transportation routes plus many alternative lodging and beachside resorts that are cheaper compared to other tourist attractions in Indonesia such as Bali and Lombok make Derawan Islands increasingly in demand by tourists.

9. Seram Island (Pulau Seram)

Seram Island

Unlike the name it has, this Seram island (in english Seram is Spooky) has nature that pampers tourists who visit there.
Having several mountains, tropical forests, beautiful beaches, and calm seas with various coral reefs make many activities that tourists can do on the island such as hiking, visiting the Manusela National Park where endemic animals and plants are there, relaxing on beautiful beautiful beaches. clean or do snorkeling or diving to enjoy the beauty of the coral reefs there.

Akohi Cave
Lumoli Waterfall

10. Banda Islands (Kepulauan Banda)

Banda Islands

The Banda Islands consist of 11 islands with 7 inhabited islands located in Maluku province.
Not only having a beautiful island, the Banda Islands also have a long history that was fought over by the Spanish, Portuguese and British because they were the only spice-producing islands in their time until the exile of Indonesia’s first president and vice president, making the Banda Islands also many places. historic.

11. Kei Islands (Kepulauan Kei)

Kei Islands

closer to the island of Irian Jaya but the archipelago is still included in the province of Maluku.
Like the Banda Islands, the Kei Islands are also famous for spices that were of interest to foreigners at their time.
It has a land area larger than the Banda Islands (1438 km²) which is divided into 2 large islands, namely the Small Kei Island (Nuhu Roa) and the Big Kei Island (Nuhu Yut) as well as 112 other small islands which are mostly uninhabited, the archipelago has many beautiful beaches With clear blue water making the Kei Islands one of the favorite destinations in Indonesia.

12. Anambas Islands (Kepulauan Anambas)

Anambas Islands

Anambas Islands has an area of 46,664 km² with a land area of 634 km² consisting of 255 islands and 5 of them are the outer islands of Indonesia.
With a large area and most of the islands are uninhabited (230 islands) the Anambas Islands still have many beautiful places that are not known to tourists.

13. Natuna Islands (Kepulauan Natuna)

Natuna Islands

Close to the Anambas Islands, the Natuna Islands are part of the Riau Archipelago provinces such as the Anambas Islands.
is the northernmost archipelago of Indonesia, the Natuna Islands have many natural products such as oil and gas and various marine products but also have many beautiful tourist destinations to visit such as marine tourism, waterfalls, mountain climbing and historical sites as well as a row of hotels that pamper tourists who visited.