10 Beautiful Island Countries in the South Pacific

In the Pacific Ocean there are many island countries that are not well known and rarely heard by most of the world community, but most of the island countries have natural pristine nature, beautiful white sand beaches, and clear sea water with coral reefs and a variety of beautiful fish. in it that makes these nations a must-visit while on vacation.

The following is info on 10 beautiful island countries that we need to know if we want to visit there.

1. Federated states of Micronesia

Federated states of Micronesia

This country consists of 4 states (yap, chuuk, phonpei, kosrae) with a combined 607 islands using the United States dollar (USD)
English is the official language in a country with a capital city of Palikir (phonpei island), making it easier for tourists to interact with local residents around

2. Republic of Fiji

Republic of Fiji

Located in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, this country has 330, with most of the islands uninhabited, this is quite familiar to travelers.
With many beautiful islands and tourism being one of the highest income sectors of the country, Fiji has many resort resorts ranging from affordable to luxury resorts.

3. French Polynesia

French Polynesia

As a sovereign state, French Polynesia has a land area above sea level of only 7000 km² on 118 island countries.
This country has good transportation routes to support visiting tourists, making the country’s tourism sector growing.

4. Guam


Only having a land area of three quarters the size of Singapore, Guam also has many beautiful and charming tourist attractions making the tourism sector a source of state income apart from the United States armed forces.
guam is still a part of the united states as organized as hawaii.
Guam is the land closest to the mariana trench

5. Republic of Kiribati

Republic of Kiribati

The Republic of Kiribati has a population of more than 110,000 with an area of 811 km² consisting of one raised coral island (Banaba) and 32 atolls spread over 3.5 million km.
Because transportation is not yet supportive, there are still few tourists to explore Kiribati, but for its natural beauty there is no need to doubt.

6. Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands

Marshall islands is a sovereign state and the related countries of the United States have an area of water of 97.87% of the total area of the country, making this country the country with the largest water area compared to any sovereign country.
This country also has not many tourists who visit because transportation is not yet supportive

7. Republic Palau

Kayangel Atoll Belau, Republic of Palau

The Republic of Palau with an area of 466 km² is incorporated from 340 islands with the most populous island being Koror.
palau has several official languages, including english, palauan, japanese, sonsorolese, tobian.
With tourism being one of the sectors of state income, of course this country has good transportation and infrastructure to serve visiting tourists.

8. Cook Islands

Mount Maungapu, Aitutaki on Cook Islands

Cook Islands The country with an area of nearly 2 million km² consists of 15 islands with a land area of 240 km², using 2 currencies as daily means of payment (New Zealand dollar and Cook Islands dollar).
With 11 airports on the Cook Islands making this country easy to visit for tourists wishing to explore the islands there.

9. Samoa Islands

Samoa Islands

samoa islands is an archipelago that has 2 jurisdictions, namely Samoa and American Samoa.
with 2 different jurisdictions making the 2 regions use different currencies too, in Samoa it uses the currency tuning samoa while in Samoa it uses the US dollar.
A good time to visit Samoa is between May to October during the dry season, because Samoa is often hit by tropical cyclones during the rainy season.

10. New Caledonia

New Caledonia

New Caledonia also has another name Kanaki by the natives of the islands which are a French territory.
use the official language of France and the currency franc (CFP) such as currency in French Polynesia.

With the many islands located in these countries islands, it has many favorite places for tourists to visit.
in the next article we will discuss in more detail each tourist spot in these countries.